Hello and welcome. This resource is designed to help research staff identify and pursue their career goals.

Whether your contract is 6 months or 3 years, you need to start planning your career straight away. And everything you do should be counting towards your future aspirations.


  • Your career isĀ your responsibility
  • You need a plan
  • You should start now!

How to get started

On this website, you’ll find three main areas:

  1. What do you want? – this section helps you think about the sort of career you’d like and also exclude any options that perhaps aren’t right for you.
  2. What have you got? – here you can start thinking about your skills and how you might market them to potential employers or clients.
  3. What do you need? – now you’ll consider your training requirements and any further support.

In Action Plan, you’ll put it all together. And there are links to many other resources, too.